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Therapeutic Gloves - Small

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  • Brand: Siesta
  • Type: Needlecraft Accessory

Product description

Thergonomic Hand Aids - The therapeutic ergonomic support glove to help tired hands!A ampidextrous pair of gloves in each pack - fits left or right hand.
Provides comfort and relief from pain and stiffness of arthritis, tendinitis, carpel tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion activities.These useful support gloves work by:
  • Generating heat from the body which is contained within the fabric, this in turn helps circulation
  • Supporting your hands and wrist like good support tights or stockings would do for your legs! Your fingers are left free for full sensation and dexterity.
  • Massaging your hands with the gentle rubbing action of the fabric.
Made from 88% nylon and 12% spandex. Fully washableAvailable in sizes small, medium or large - see image for checking your size.

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Therapeutic Gloves - Small

£18.00 GBP
£15.30 GBP

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